Kota outdoors and the forest skis

Come to live your adventure in the forests of the Great North, in small groups, guided by a certified wilderness guide.

Our treks take place outside of paths and beaten tracks, in a remote area 30 minutes away from Rovaniemi; far away from cities, villages and snowmobile tracks you´ll be able to feel a sense of adventure and complete immersion in the surrounding lappish nature.

We’ll move around with forest skis, traditional nordic skis ideal for treks in the forest, which, like snowshoes, allow us to float on the snow, but with which is easier and faster to move. You don’t need previous experience with skis to take part in our treks: they are easy to use and the terrain is mostly flat or with mild steepness. We also offer the alternative to do the treks by snowshoes.

We might see footprints of wild animals in the snow, and with a bit of luck, we might see also the animals themselves; the most common animals are reindeer, moose, capercaille, black and spruce grouse, about which the guide will tell you during the treks.

Kota Outdoors takes its name from kota, the traditional tent used in the past by Sami, the native people of Lapland. In the middle of the tent there’s a fire, which was used to cook and warm up; around the fire, reindeer skins was set on the ground, on which family members gathered and sleeped. In a kota, we’ll spend the breaks of our treks, warming up in front of a fire, grilling, sitting on comfortable reindeer skins and exchanging tales.

The guide

Hello, I´m Giacomo and I will be your guide. I´m a certified wilderness guide, I completed my guide degree in finnish Lapland. 5 years ago I moved to Lapland pushed by my passion for wilderness and trekking. I will guide you on skis in the forest to our kota, where we´ll light a fire. I will tell you about nature, the animals of the forest, reindeer herding and other lappish traditions. We´ll dive in the lappish wild nature, far from city, roads and noises. In our evening treks, we might see the northern lights if luck is on our side. Welcome!